Gifu, Land of Clear Waters
Ji-Kabuki All-star Performance 2020

Resumption Announcement“Gifu, Land of Clear Waters, Ji-Kabuki All-Star Performance 2020”

We are pleased to announce that the “Ji-Kabuki All-Star Performance”, which hads been temporarily postponedsuspended to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 , has fulfilled all the conditions stated in therequired for resumption.

There are more than 30 Ji-Kabuki preservation organizations in Gifu Prefecture and Gifu is one of the most active regions for Ji-Kabuki in Japan.
People in rural parts of the nation started organizing and holding Kabuki performances by themselves in their hometowns in shrines and shibai-goyas (playhouses). These amateur forms of Kabuki played in rural parts of Japan are called “Ji-Kabuki” in Gifu Prefecture.
There are 9 historical shibai-goyas (playhouses) and many  Ji-Kabuki preservation organizations in Gifu. The stories and dance routines from the Edo period (1603-1868) have been cherished and passed down from generation to generation.
This is a rare opportunity on which Ji-Kabuki preservation organizations in Gifu Prefecture all gather together and perform one after another.
Please come and watch the traditional performing arts that represent Gifu.
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Performance Schedule (Total 13 performances)

2020/1/19 Sun.

(10:30 Open)

2020/2/15 Sat.

(11:00 Open)


2021/3/14 Sun.

(13:00 open)

2021/3/21 Sun.

(13:00 open)

2021/4/18 Sun.

(13:00 open)

2021/5/16 Sun.

2021/5/30 Sun.

2021/6/13 Sun.

2021/6/27 Sun.

(12:00 open)

2021/7/11 Sun.

(13:00 open)

2021/7/25 Sun.

(12:00 open)

2021/8/8 Sun.

(13:00 open)

2021/8/29 Sun.

(13:00 open)

2021/9/20 Mon.

* Please note that the risk of spreading coronavirus could change the performance dates and groups being scheduled


Gifu Seiryu Bunka Plaza 2F Nagaragawa Hall
(3-42 Gakuencho, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture)


■From JR Gifu station or Meitetsu Gifu station
Please come by bus or taxi
* How to go by bus
Take a bus from the North Bus Terminal No. 10 at JR Gifu Station or the C-Stand at Meitetsu Gifu Bus Terminal. You have the option of three busses: the "K49 Kidaiji danchi line", the "K50 Nagara Yatsushiro koen" or the "K55 Awanonishi 5".   Get off at the “Gifu Memorial Seimon mae” stop and walk south for about 1 minute. 
■From Nagoya
JR Nagoya station JR Gifu station (Take the JR Tokaido Line, 18 minutes by New Rapid)  
■From Chubu Centrair International Airport  (Central Japan International Airport)
Central Japan International Airport station→ (via Meitetsu Nagoya station)→Meitetsu Gifu station
(1 hour and 20 minutes by Express)
(1 hour by μSky Ltd. Express. )


Free of charge
* A reserved ticket must be obtained in advance for viewing.
 If you would like to see the performance, please contact by e-mail.