Gifu, Land of Clear Waters
Ji-Kabuki All-star Performance 2020


Q1. How much and how long does it take to get to Gifu Seiryu Bunka Plaza by bus or by taxi from Gifu JR Station?
A1. It takes about 20 minutes. The bus fee is 220 yen and the taxi fee will be approximately 1,500 yen. 

Q2. How do I return from Gifu Seiryu Bunka Plaza to Gifu JR Station?
A2.Go across the pedestrian bridge and walk north for about a minute. You’ll find the “Gifu Memorial Center main gate” bus stop. Take a bus from there to return  to JR Gifu station or Meitetsu Gifu station.

Q3.Is there any parking at Gifu Seiryu Bunka Plaza? 
A3. Yes, there is. The maximum fee is 1000 yen for one day.  However, it's recommended that you use public transportation just in case the parking is full.

Q1. Are there any restaurants around Gifu Seiryu Bunka Plaza? 
A1. There is a cafe in the facility and there are restaurants and convenience stores within walking distance.

[During performances]
Q1. Is it allowed to take pictures or videos during a performance?
A1. Both are allowed. Please do not use flash or disturb other audience members.

Q2. Is it allowed to eat and drink during a performance?
A2. Eating and drinking are not allowed in the hall. Please eat and drink outside the hall.

Q3. Can I enter or exit during a performance?
A3. Yes, you can enter or exit a performance only from the back door on the second floor. When the seats are full, you cannot enter.

Q4. I would like to try “Ohineri” (throwing money wrapped in paper onto the stage)
A4. “Ohineri” is only possible from the cushions that are placed in front of the hall. If you would like to try “Ohineri”, please come early so you can take a seat in that area.

Q5. Is there an intermission?
A5. There will be a 30 minute break between each performance.

Q6. How long is one performance?
A6. It depends on the program. A performance is approximately 30 to 80 minutes.

Q7. I want to visit in a wheelchair.
A7. Wheelchair seats are available. Please tell the staff at the reception.

Q8. Is there a subtitle or earphone guide available in foreign languages?
A8. No, performances will be only in Japanese. A brochure in English is available

Q9. What time do you start giving out tickets?
A9. You can receive tickets at the service counter on the 1st floor from 9:00 am on the day of the performance. Please pick up tickets at least 20 minutes before the performance.

Q10. What time does the hall open?
A10. It opens 30 minutes before the performance starts. People without tickets can enter 15 minutes before the performance. Please come to the Nagaragawa hall reception on the second floor.

Q11. Is there a designated smoking area?
A11. There is a designated smoking area next to the elevator hall on the 5th floor.

Q12. Is there free Wi-Fi?
A12. Free Wi-Fi is available around the entrance hall on the first floor.

Q13. Do you have a cloakroom?
A13. No, please keep your belongings with you.  Suitcases cannot be brought into the hall.  Luggage can be stored in the station’s coin lockers or left at your accommodation.